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Car park

To balance aesthetics with practicality, the building was equipped with a large underground car park for both staff and visitors. Because staff was required to monitor who was going in and out of each level of the parking structure, all with the shortest possible processing time, Aldar turned to Nedap for its TRANSIT readers.

Each member of staff was provided with a compact tag that guaranteed fast access to and from the carpark, which has the added benefit of providing an efficient traffic flow during peak times in the morning and afternoon.

Robustness and durability

The readers used in the Aldar Headquarters required robustness and durability, which are two key points of Nedap’s TRANSIT reader. This strong reader signal picks up the tag within a 10m distance, allowing the vehicle to maintain pace when approaching and entering the car park. Because the readers are directly connected to the building’s access control system using standard protocols, access rights and reports are easily generated and maintained, thus providing a secure and reliable solution.

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