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Luxurious condominium

In the midst of today’s concrete jungle in Kuala Lumpur, it is quite far-fetched to own a spacious home surrounded by greenery and yet enjoy the convenience of the city. Rimbun, the luxurious condominium at Embassy Row, made that dream possible with large residential homes, excellent facilities and great accessibility.

Set against an idyllic backdrop, it offers discerning buyers an amazing display of architectural prowess, contemporary design lines and practicality.

Secure access control

To offer residents of Rimbun a great sense of security and hundreds of residents and staff members use the security service on a daily basis, the most stable and secure control systems for elevator- and door access were installed.

Nedap’s long-range vehicle identification system uPASS was installed to provide safe and convenient vehicle access without forcing residents to stop their car. Every resident uses a UHF Combi Card that contains a unique identification number. The uPASS Reach allows consistent reading of up to 5 meters, so residents do not have to stop to present their badge anymore. Automatic vehicle identification ensures a smooth flow of authorized people only and increases the safety of residents and staff. The uPASS Reach, based on UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology, is the right solution for straightforward access to car parks, gated communities, condominiums and campuses.

The system to achieve the requirements for vehicle access control was deployed by EntryPass. In the inner tier of security, EntryPass also deployed systems for elevator access control and staircase monitoring. These systems prevent residents from going to the wrong floor and avoid any unauthorized people within the building.


Nedap’s Combi Card is a one-card-solution that consists of both a UHF and Mifare part. With these technologies combined in one card, residents can use the same credential to gain vehicle access, door access and elevator access. To reduce the complication, EntryPass’ Platform1 was chosen as this software enhances scalability while providing the freedom to limit or extend its reach.

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