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Saudi Customs

Saudi customs is the government authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia responsible for monitoring importation and exportation of goods in and out of the country in accordance with the governing legislations. The entity was established with an aim to protect the society and sustaining economic development, promote travel and lawful trade, protect the kingdom from restricted goods and improve security.

Reduced queuing at the border gates

Al Hadithah border, beside Jordon and Al Wadiah border, next to Yemen has a lot of vehicles including trucks, buses and cars moving in both directions on a daily basis. The manual registration of vehicles at both the check points resulted in long waiting time at the border crossing and also at the screening area. The authorities were looking for a solution which could improve efficiency and reduce queuing time for the vehicles which use the border crossing on a regular basis. The plan was to register these vehicles and assign a dedicated lane through which the vehicles could conveniently move straight to the screening area without any delay.

At the vehicle screening area, they wanted to make sure the vehicles are checked and granted entry within a specific time period and reduce queuing time.

Convenient access to registered vehicles

For vehicle identification at the gate barriers, Nedap’s uPASS Target high-end UHF RFID reader in combination with UHF tags was chosen as the suitable solution. Registered vehicles were assigned a UHF passive RFID tag, which was stuck at the most visible area. The uPASS Target reader, with an adjustable read-range of 10meters identifies the vehicle when it approaches the gate barrier and provide convenient access to the screening area eliminating queuing time. With the IP66 rated industrial enclosure, the uPASS Target works perfectly even during harsh weather conditions in Saudi Arabia.

The pre-registered vehicles are granted access to the parking area. uPASS Target integrated with Designa parking management system provides convenient vehicle access. iCAD played a major role in integrating multiple systems inclucing Nedap AEOS access control system.

Increasing convenience and process efficiency

With Nedap’s automatic vehicle identification, Saudi customs has been able to improve the border crossing process efficiency by reducing wait-time and providing convenient access experience to frequent travelers and thereby also increasing security and convenience.

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