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Vodafone Qatar

Vodafone is a leading technology communications company in keeping society connected and building a digital future. Vodafone Qatar, which began operations in 2009, offers a comprehensive range of services for both consumers and businesses and provides the technological backbone and communications ecosystem for many of Qatar’s most recent iconic developments.

Vodafone Qatar provides a wide range of mobile telecom services, plus related equipment and accessories.

Digital ID for employees

Employees at Vodafone Qatar’s old HQ building were using physical cards to access the building and their respective departments. The team would like to move towards an advanced solution by eliminating physical cards and using digital IDs which could grant access to employees using their smartphones. Nedap’s multi-technology reader NVITE proved to be the perfect solution. This reader supports multiple identification technologies and can grant access to car park and buildings for employees. Mobile ID Protocol ensures seamless integration with 3rd party mobile applications. It also supports various communication interfaces for 3rd party integrations such as Wiegand and Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).

With this solution, employees can now access their offices through BLE and NFC by just activating their Vodafone app on their smartphones. This is completely touchless and as an employee you never have to worry about losing your card again.

Convenient access to pre-registered visitors

Besides a solution for employees, Vodafone Qatar was also looking for a solution for their visitors. The process of visitor registration was done manually at the reception. This was very time-consuming leading to long waiting times. NVITE turned out to be suitable for this as well because this reader provides flexibility in use of identifiers to facilitate different user groups such as employees, tenants and visitors. The reader supports BLE, NFC, QR code and other identification technologies.

Employees can now pre-register visitors using the visitor management portal and a QR code will be sent to the visitor via e-mail or SMS. On the day of the visit, there is no registration required at the reception desk. The visitor is granted convenient access to the facility by just scanning the QR code in front of the NVITE reader. The system also makes sure by using the QR code that the visitor is granted access to restricted zones of the building.

The outcome

The multi-technology reader NVITE is integrated with Nedap’s AEOS access control system to enhance security and convenience and provides seamless access to employees and visitors. In addition to keeping a high level of security. Employees and administrators will not need to worry about physical cards and managing those. They can now easily issue and revoke cards as well.


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