Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Kwowledge

Established in the year 2005, ADEK’s main role is to develop the education system in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and promote a culture of creativity, sustainability and excellence, with a focus on developing human, social and economic capabilities.

Need for touchless access

ADEK was looking for a flexible, future-proof technology that would improve the security level and provide a more convenient and touchless gate and door access solution for employees and visitors. Until recently, all access points were equipped with fingerprint technology. Even though safety is a top priority, ADEK wants to give the employees and visitors a welcoming experience entering the building. Therefore, all entry and exits points needed to be replaced with touchless technology solutions that fit to the needs of the different user groups.

Seamless parking access

The first secured access point is the gated parking garage, exclusive for employees. To create a touchless, fast passage Nedap’s uPASS Target reader is selected. This long-range UHF reader identifies vehicles from up to 10 meters distance and provides seamless access to the parking facility, with no need for a hard stop. The circular polarization antenna of this reader guarantees that credentials are read at any angle as long as they are in direct line of sight of the reader. UHF Combi cards are used as identifier to ensure the use of one single card for both vehicle and building access.

Hands-free door access

Nedap’s uPASS Reach with an adjustable read-range of up to 5 meters in combination with combi cards are used for people identification and grant hands-free access, entering the building. With this solution, touchless access is granted to employees and also meets high hygiene standards set by the department. The long-range readers are installed above the automated door panel. This means that employees can use the same identifier for access to the parking garage and access to the building.

Mobile Access at pedestrian gates

Besides the long-range readers, Nedap’s Multi Technology NVITE readers are selected to identify both employees as registered visitors. The readers are placed at the entrances (next to the uPASS Reach readers) and at the speed gates within the building. The reader enables contactless pedestrian access via multiple technologies. ADEK identifies employees via mobile ID’s. This gives them the choice to enter via their combi card or mobile. Through Nedap’s AEOS visitor management module, ADEK is able to pre-register visitors arriving to the building. Visitors are asked to pre-register in the portal and an QR code is sent to them via email. With this, the visitors are given a streamlined and touch-free access on the day of their visit.

Every objective met

By choosing Nedap’s vehicle and people identification system, ADEK has been able to meet all of its security and integration requirements. Touchless access has helped increase convenience and hygiene levels. Nedap’s AEOS has provided a future-proof solution that supports its daily operations, and ADEK is delighted with its flexibility and the innovations its new system incorporates. Nedap’s partner EPM played a major role in executing this project, and ensured seamless data migration from ADEK’s existing system with no downtime.

“Nedap and EPM have worked together to meet every one of our requirements. We now have a smart, centralized system with each element integrated in a streamlined way. It’s enabling much closer, more efficient management of access and operations. And we feel reassured that we have the option to easily make changes and additions, as and when we need to in the future.”
Mr. Walid Nsouli, Division Director, ICT & Smart Services at ADEK


“We empower the digital transformation of government agencies and businesses by capitalising on our strong team of developers and partnerships with international technology vendors like Nedap. A valuable partner, Nedap provides the technology and tools that allow us to develop products and solutions that meet our clients’ needs. The digital identity solution that we developed for ADEK is an innovative product and can now be used by any organisation.”
Mr. Hadi R. Omer, Director of Sales and Marketing at EPM

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