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A secure facility is the number one priority within the world of access control. The introduction of the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) enables security managers to further improve their site security. The OSDP upgrade within Nedap’s reader portfolio for automatic vehicle identification makes it possible to improve vehicle gate access in a trusted and secure manner. OSDP is becoming a must have standard for organizations demanding the highest security levels. But what is OSDP, what are the benefits and what does OSDP mean for vehicle access control?

What is OSDP?

OSDP has been developed by the Security Industry Association to improve interoperability among access control and security products. OSDP has been approved as an international standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission for electronic protection systems.

OSDP enables advanced and secure communication between the reader and access control panel that supports this protocol as well. This is important to protect against attack threats like replay-attack. Due to the fact that OSDP is offering secure and bi-directional communication between the reader and third party controller platform, the OSDP upgrade enables security professionals to simplify secured vehicle access.

Advantages of OSDP

In different projects, OSDP is proofing its value and reliability. Although the Wiegand protocol is still widely used in security and access control installations, step-by-step OSDP is preferred over Wiegand. There are a few advantages of using OSDP enabled RFID readers and Physical Access Control Systems:

  • Increased security: OSDP enables increased security, as this standard enables a Secure Channel Protocol which is essential for exchanging data credentials in a secure manner.
  • Ease of installation: OSDP leads to ease of installation through the use of longer cables. This also ensures that fewer wires are needed, which in turn leads to cost savings and a more efficient use of time and resources.
  • Open industry standard: OSDP creates more flexibility as it is an open industry standard. That enables security professionals the opportunity to select devices from different manufactures. End users can create a customized solution that is easy to upgrade by adding more devices.
  • Bi-directional communication: OSDP allows communication between the reader and controller, and enables readers to be configured and managed remotely.

Automatic Vehicle Identification Specialist

Nedap is specialized in advanced solutions for Automatic Vehicle Identification for over the past decades. Nedap has developed a unique portfolio with high performance long-range RFID and License Plate Recognition solutions.

With OSDP in our portfolio, we showcase our continued ability to meet with the high-security requirements for demanding applications. With eyes on security, but without compromising on the convenience for the people that are using it. For security professionals OSDP compliancy offers a great opportunity of adding relevance to gate access control solutions in different applications.

OSDP support and questions

Is your access control system ready to set the wheels in a secure motion with OSDP?

For technical support on OSDP, we are pleased to refer to our Knowledge Center: a central resource where you will find answers on all (technical) product related questions, FAQs and application notes. In addition, Nedap’s technical support team around the globe provides efficient assistance for all Nedap Identification Systems products, so you can be sure you will receive assistance wherever you are, whenever you need it.

For questions or support about OSDP or the opportunities of Nedap’s updated RFID reader portfolio, visit the Knowledge Center, watch our on-demand OSDP webinar or contact us.

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