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A welcoming experience starts at the gate. Within an optimal (secured) access control design, different user groups must be taken into consideration. In almost every organization, visitors are welcomed in addition to employees and contractors. Visitors are characterized by an occasional or one-time access to the organization. Although policies vary by organization type or geographic location, it is essential that registered visitors get a welcoming but secured experience, while unexpected visits do not get immediate access.

Visitor management systems

Visitor management systems are key to make the visitor sign-in process more efficient, accurate and consistent. A visitor management system allows organizations to streamline the process of hosting people at their facilities. With a broad portfolio of vehicle and driver identification technologies, Nedap Identification Systems enables industry leading access control, visitor and pre-booking systems for (temporary) gate access. In combination with third party visitor management systems, Nedap provides a welcoming and seamless guest experience before, during and after the visit.

Multi-technology reader NVITE for contactless identification

To enable multiple identification technologies for variety of users in one single access application, Nedap developed the multi-technology reader NVITE for contactless identification. Authorization for access depends on the type of user. Employees can for example enter the car park by presenting a card, while visitors use a QR code or smartphone credential.

Especially for visitors, which incidentally use the identification technology, it is key to use a general easy to use access method. Furthermore, to create a welcoming experience the credential needs to be received before the visit. Another key element is that the identifier does not need to be returned, to avoid a complex identifier return process for visitors. If visitors are announced prior to arrival, a QR code can be sent to the facilities. The QR code (printed on paper or displayed at a mobile device) can be scanned by the NVITE reader for check-in at the car park. The same QR reading can also be extended to check-in registration at the entrance of the building.

Seamless communication and integration

To serve a growing number of mobile applications, Nedap has developed the Mobile ID Protocol. This protocol enables secure communication between the reader and any third party smartphone app and can easily be implemented by third parties to develop a mobile application. In addition, NVITE ensures effortless integration into access control or visitor management systems via interfaces, such as Wiegand or OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol).

Identifying drivers and vehicles in high secured areas

Within high secured areas, it can be desirable to enhance the security level. Therefore, it is possible to identify the vehicle of visitors in addition to the drivers QR credential. The vehicle can be identified based on a pre-registered license plate number. This means only authorized drivers and vehicles can enter the facility. Nedap offers the ANPR Lumo to identify vehicles by capturing their license plates. Combined with the NVITE reader, this is a suitable solution to ensure a welcoming experience in a high secured area.

Watch the NVITE webinar

Nedap’s NVITE reader is a perfect solution for organizations to host guests at their facilities in a safe and seamless manner. Want to know more about the possibilities NVITE offer for you? Please watch our on-demand NVITE webinar.


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