Get ready for something NEW | 4 June 2024

Nedap – leading specialist in long-range identification solutions – launches the next generation of its Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) platform. With the introduction of two brand-new cameras, Nedap answers to the rapid growing demand for effective license plate reading in vehicle access control applications.

In a relatively short period, license plate recognition technology for vehicle access control has become very popular. Nedap’s ANPR cameras identify vehicles by capturing their license plates, making it the perfect solution for applications in which it is undesirable to issue (RFID) tags. This technology is used in situations where vehicles need to be granted access temporarily or incidentally, such as in employee or visitor parking applications.

Advanced license plate recognition

Nedap enables customers to benefit from the latest developments in ANPR technology by adding two brand-new cameras to its platform:

  • The advanced ANPR Lumo can be applied in challenging vehicular access control applications. Deep learning algorithms enable a high accuracy, even in regions with license plates that include different font formats. For specific regions, like the Pacific and USA, this license plate camera offers a powerful solution
  • The ANPR Access V2 is the successor of Nedap’s ANPR Access. This license plate camera is a new development that offers better performance while being fully compatible with existing installations.
  • Both new cameras easily integrate with any third party security, parking and traffic management systems using their built-in Wiegand options.

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Purposely designed for vehicle access

“There are many ANPR-systems in the market. Few of them were purposely designed for vehicle access control. With the release of these new camera’s we are taking the effectiveness of ANPR for vehicle access control to the next level. The available options for configuration and interfacing have been enhanced and extended, making ANPR a viable option for installations all over the world, including the Pacific and the USA.”  Maarten Mijwaart, Managing Director of Nedap Identification Systems