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Tyco – CEM Systems, part of  Johnson Controls International and Nedap Identification Systems, cooperate already for over 10  years to ensure a total access control solution for gate access. The joint solution, which ensures a high level of security, streamlined traffic flows and an optimised vehicle access, has been implemented by countless organisations worldwide, such as hospitals, airports, ports, critical infrastructure and petrochemical plants.

The requirements for vehicle access control are increasing and go beyond just securing your perimeter. While this may be the first thing that comes to mind if we think of gate access control, nowadays other aspects such as convenience, touchless entrance and streamlined traffic flows are equally important. Think, for example, of a logistics location where every lost minute costs money and therefore an optimal traffic flow is crucial, or an airport environment where entry must be both convenient and highly resilient for employees, visitors and contractors.

Tyco-CEM Systems and Nedap Identification Systems have enjoyed over 10 years of collaboration which has seen vehicle throughput at gates optimised on the basis of long-distance identification. This has been achieved by Nedap Identification Systems’ portfolio of high quality license plate cameras and RFID readers (and tags), which identify vehicles and drivers, working alongside Tyco – CEM Systems’ –  powerful and flexible AC2000 access control and integrated security management system.

“At Tyco – CEM Systems we provide solutions for our customers to manage all areas within their facility. Working with Nedap Identification Systems over many years, we have been able to provide the highest level of security and feature set by integrating their RFID products for long range access control for barriers and gates to provide a solution for vehicles and staff across the entire site.”
Philip Verner, Regional Sales Director, EMEA, Tyco – CEM Systems

Tyco – CEM Systems and Nedap Identification Systems have provided successful installations together in the world’s largest facilities including oil refineries, ports, airports, hospitals, universities, corporate premises and more. Both companies are looking forward to a continuing partnership and delivering many more complete access control solutions around the world.

“After 10 years of cooperation between Tyco – CEM Systems and Nedap, we are now reinforcing the relationship, to create a total access control solution, which includes gate security for the verticals that CEM Systems is active in – such as airports, ports and critical infrastructure sites.”
Evelien O’Sullivan, Proposition Management, Nedap Identification Systems

About Tyco-CEM Systems
CEM Systems from Tyco is a leading provider of access control and fully integrated enterprise security management systems. With 30 years’ experience in the security and IT industry, CEM manufactures both the access control system hardware and software. This uniquely offers unparalleled levels of flexibility in selecting a complete access control solution to meet your security needs. CEM worldwide clients include Hospitals, Banks, Airports, Ports, Petrochemical plants, Universities, corporate premises and much more.