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Cost-effective UHF RFID reader for vehicle access points

uPASS Go is the next generation reader in long-range vehicle identification technology, incorporating state-of-the-art UHF RFID capabilities to ensure a seamless access control experience. This advanced system is engineered to provide fast and secure vehicle identification from distances of up to 10 meters* (33 feet). It is the perfect solution for efficiently managing vehicle entry in car parks, gated communities, and staff parking zones.

Designed with cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and user convenience in mind, uPASS Go effortlessly integrates with your existing access control system. It supports industry-standard interfaces like Wiegand and OSDP, alongside a broad spectrum of communication protocols including TCP-IP. Its fast and accurate remote tag reading capabilities ensure regulated access and bolster security, while also managing traffic flow to maintain smooth operations during busy times.

Furthermore, its circular polarization technology allows for tag orientation freedom, improving driver convenience and facilitating efficient vehicle throughput in high-traffic scenarios.

The installation of uPASS Go is straightforward, thanks to user-friendly features like a new mounting bracket, service hatch, and USB-C service interface, all of which make the setup process simpler.

*In combination with UHF Windshield Tag. The maximum read range depends on reader type, the installation and the environment.


Key benefits

  • Automatic vehicle identification
  • Cost-efficient reader based on UHF RFID technology
  • Adjustable read range up to 10 meters* (33 ft)
  • Simple integration with all leading access control platforms
  • Complies with EPC global Gen 2 directive for secure communication and tag authentication
  • Supports OSDP v2, including secure channel protocol
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Robust reader for outdoor use

Typical applications

Ensured secure entry for vehicles into office car parks

Smooth and easy vehicle access at gated communities

Seamless and secure vehicle movement within university campuses

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