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The uPASS Target Antenna is an external antenna for the uPASS Target reader. Based on passive UHF RFID technology  (± 900 MHz), the uPASS Target reader identifies vehicles and people up to 15 meters* (50 feet). In combination with the uPASS Target Antenna, the read-range of the reader can be extended for a wider scope.

Additionally, the external antenna can be used in situations where reading of both vehicle entry and exit lanes is required. The uPASS Target reader has a TNC port to connect one external antenna.

*In combination with UHF Windshield Tag. The maximum read range depends on reader type, the installation and the environment.


Key benefits

  • Operates with uPASS Target
  • Reading up to 15 meters* (50 feet)
  • Operates with passive UHF tags (EPC GEN 2)
  • Adjustable read range
  • 3 meters (10 feet) low loss outdoor RF-cable included

Typical applications

Access control and monitoring traffic flow activities at industrial sites

Logistics depots to ensure secure vehicle access and registration

How to buy?

Nedap is your supplier for long-range readers which are expertly installed by our trusted partners. Think it suits your needs? Please contact us. Not sure if it’s right for you? Or want to see how it works before placing an order?