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Easy vehicle identification

As a security professional, you deal with multiple types of users entering and leaving your premises, such as employees, visitors and contractors. To comply with regulations and enable easy tracking if there’s an incident or emergency, you want to identify all vehicles and drivers on arrival and check they’re authorised to enter. But you want to avoid creating lots of extra work for your team and you don’t want people queuing to enter the site.

How we can help

We offer a broad portfolio of automatic vehicle identification technology, including long-range RFID, ANPR and mobile access control solutions. They’re designed to enable easy, secure access for different user groups in different markets. And you can combine them to create the optimal processes for your needs.

“What you need is technology that allows you to identify a variety of user groups quickly and easily, without compromising security.”

Key benefits

  • Flexibility to identify multiple different user groups.
  • Fast, safe site access for vehicles and drivers.
  • Automatic access for vehicles and drivers.
  • Cost savings as fewer people are needed to secure entrances.
  • Enables remote, completely contactless processes.

Product advisor

With just 3 simple clicks, we can guide you through our product advisor to give you a solid product advise based on your needs and wishes.