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Automatic vehicle identification

The Smartcard Booster is a vehicle and driver identification tag. This patented solution ensures that a vehicle can only get access to a secured area when driven by an authorized driver. The Smartcard Booster is used in combination with (existing) personal access credentials. Based on semi active RFID technology (2,45 GHz), the Smartcard Booster is identified up to 12 meters* (40 feet) with the TRANSIT Ultimate reader.

*In combination with the TRANSIT Ultimate reader. The maximum read range depends on reader type, the installation and the environment.

The variety of Boosters support all leading RFID cards in a broaden range from low till high frequencies, such as MIFARE (DESFire), LEGIC and HID. Hereby an overview of the different type of Boosters:

  • Prox Booster 2G supports Nedap, HID® and EM
  • Smartcard Booster 2G supports among others MIFARE (DESFire)
  • Smartcard Booster Ultimate supports advanced tag authentication and MIFARE (DESFire)
  • Smartcard Booster End2End supports HID IClass®, HID Elite Keys, HID SEOS, HID SEOS® Mobile ID over NFC
  • LEGIC Booster Ultimate supports LEGIC Advant and Prime

Key benefits

  • Simultaneous vehicle and driver identification
  • Identification up to 12 metres (40 feet)
  • Patented Dual Identification Solution
  • Supported credentials: MIFARE (DESFire), LEGIC (Advant), HID iClass CSN and Calypso
  • Easy mounting to vehicle's windshield

Typical applications

Highly secured vehicle access at (air)ports, military bases, utility companies, police and fire installations

Applications where vehicles must be assigned to specific drivers

How to buy?

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