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Nedap introduces exclusive NXP cryptographic security in long-range portfolio

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April 15, 2015



This week NXP announced the introduction of the UCODE DNA: the world’s first UHF tag IC to combine long-range read performance with cryptographic authentication. With this new tag IC developers no longer have to choose between contactless performance and the need for security in their applications. As preferred NXP technology partner, Nedap anticipated to this innovative development with its UHF readers: uPASS Reach and uPASS Access. 

Cryptographic authentication provides dynamic security with each transmission being different from the one before therefore minimizing the ability for data to be emulated. NXP’s UCODE DNA provides ISO/IEC 29167-10 standardized cryptographic security using 128-bit key based on AES (advanced encryption standard) algorithms. It is also designed in accordance with GS1 EPC Gen 2 V2 air interface standard, which supports cryptographic authentication in RFID systems operating in the UHF range (860 MHz to 960 MHz).

The new tag IC is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, such as license plate authentication, access control and parking. Nedap’s UHF readers for long-range identification of vehicles and people fully support cryptographic authentication. The portfolio of Nedap will be expanded with UHF tags based on UCODE DNA.

Both Nedap’s uPASS Reach and uPASS Access readers are prepared for this advanced tag authentication. uPASS Reach offers long-range vehicle identification up to 5 meters [16 ft] using the latest UHF technology. With uPASS Access Nedap offers the perfect solution for doors that require convenience. The world’s smallest UHF reader for hands-free building and door access allows reading distances of up to 2 meters (6 feet).

Would you like to find out more about Nedap’s uPASS readers? Visit Nedap this week during ISC West (booth 11033) from 15 – 17 April 2015 in Las Vegas, United States.