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Nedap proudly announces an exciting new feature in our Knowledge Center: the ability to book technical training sessions for our advanced vehicle and driver identification products. This initiative is specially designed for engineers, catering to both newcomers seeking an introduction and seasoned professionals aiming to deepen their expertise in our cutting-edge technologies.

Personalized training at your fingertips

Understanding that time and specific learning needs are crucial for our customers, Nedap has integrated a user-friendly training tool into our Knowledge Center. This feature allows potential and existing customers to schedule one-on-one training sessions with our product experts at a time and date that suits them best. What sets this service apart is the ability to choose experts based on language preferences, ensuring a comfortable and effective learning environment.

Tailored training for diverse products

Our expert training sessions include a deep dive into our innovative products from our extensive portfolio of vehicle and driver identification:

  • TRANSIT Ultimate: Discover the advanced world of long-range RFID.
  • uPASS: Delve into the specifics of long-range RFID based on UHF.
  • ANPR Lumo: Master the nuances of license plate recognition technology.
  • NVITE: Learn about our multi-technology reader, including QR functionality.

“Our new technical training feature is all about making learning easy and personal, so you can quickly become an expert with our product portfolio of automatic vehicle and driver identification. It’s designed to give you exactly what you need, ensuring you’re well-trained to make the most of what we offer.” Michel Korthout, Teamcaptain Technical Operations at Nedap

Efficient and accessible learning

Each training session is designed to last only one hour, ensuring an efficient and focused learning experience. Conducted via Microsoft Teams, these sessions provide the flexibility to join from anywhere, making it easier for professionals across regions stretching from Europe to the Pacific to participate.

Personalized to your needs

The training sessions are available in English, German, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, and Dutch, allowing you to book in your preferred language. We encourage participants to specify their specific information needs or topics of interest in the booking notes. This tailored approach ensures that each session is maximally relevant and beneficial to the individual attendee.

Booking made simple

Booking a session is straightforward: visit our Knowledge Center, choose your product of interest, select your preferred language, and schedule a time that fits your agenda. Our system is designed for ease of use, integrating seamlessly with your professional schedule.

Note: It is necessary to create a (guest) account in the Knowledge Center before you have access to the training module.

Book your technical training

We invite you to experience this new feature. Visit our Knowledge Center today to explore the available training options and book your session with our product experts. Let’s embark on this journey of knowledge together.

If you have any questions beforehand, or if you want to know more information, please feel free to contact our Teamcaptain Technical Operations, Michel Korthout.

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