Business centers

Capital Group is a Russian real estate developer, recognized for its leadership position in the Moscow real estate market. Known for maintaining western standards of quality, implementing innovation in engineering and architecture, Capital Group developed prestigious multifunctional business centers in Moscow.

Example projects are the high rise OKO Towers and Capital City Towers in the mixed-use business district Moscow City. Another project is the modern business center Capital Plaza located near the famous Tverskaya Street and Belorussky railway station in the historic heart of Moscow.

Advanced security systems

Capital Group has been cooperating with the Russian security company AAM Systems for the implementation of integrated solutions for many years. The solutions include the most advanced systems for security, access control and parking for their newly constructed buildings. For vehicle access control in OKO Towers, Capital City Towers and Capital Plaza, AAM Systems implemented Nedap’s long-range RFID platform TRANSIT in order to ensure fast and secure vehicle and driver identification.

Experienced integration partner

For Capital Group, AAM Systems has proven to represent a value adding security concept. According to Igor N. Lyubivoy, Deputy Head of the Capital Group Security Service, one of the key elements for the safety and protection of buildings is to provide reliable, secure and user-convenient vehicle access to the parking facilities. Additionally, the knowledge and experience of AAM Systems as the integrator and the potential of the system to implement is of high importance.

Capital Plaza project

Capital Plaza is modern multi-tenant business center located in the in the heart of Moscow. Because of its convenient location near train, metro, and bus connections and between the Garden Ring and Third Transportation Ring, Capital Plaza is one of central Moscow’s key business districts. For its tenants and visitors Capital Plaza includes a three-level underground parking facility providing space to accommodate nearly 400 vehicles.Designed to be a high-class multi-tenant facility for companies headquartered in Moscow, Capital Group asked AAM Systems to integrate Apollo Lyrix for access control and the Nedap long-range RFID for automatic driver based vehicle access to the car park. With this integrated security solution AAM systems offers Capital Group a proven concept that manages both building and parking access control in a highly secure yet user-convenient manner.

Driver based vehicle access

In order to optimize vehicle access control at the entrances and exits of the parking facility, Nedap’s TRANSIT readers were installed. This long-range RFID reader identifies vehicles and its drivers up to 10 meters. TRANSIT supports simultaneous identification of both the vehicle and driver.

Nedap’s patented Smartcard-Booster RFID transponder ensures that vehicles only can enter and leave the parking facility when the vehicle is occupied by an authorized driver. Within the TRANSIT long-range RFID platform, the Smartcard-Booster supports reading of HID iClass 13.56 MHz smart card technology. HID iClass is the card credential applied for access control to the Moscow Capital Plaza complex.

The Booster is the perfect solution to closely monitor all activities of vehicle and driver combinations. With the Booster onboard of the car, both the vehicle and driver are identified simultaneously. The transponder contains a unique vehicle identification number, but is also a multi-technology card reader. When the HID iClass card is inserted in the Booster, it reads the drivers’ personal ID.