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Security and logistics solution

Vehicle and driver identification systems from Nedap Identification Systems play an important role in this all-in-one security and logistics solution.

The Coca Cola bottling company was looking for a solution which is able to monitor all vehicle related activities at its site in Sevilla. Informática del Este (IEST) engineered a software based solution which integrates access control with traffic flow management.

The system takes the dynamic aspects of the site into account. Various vehicle groups – employees, visitors, suppliers, contractors etc.- want to gain access to the site at various times and for a wide range of reasons. The system monitors all vehicle related activities at the site in real-time and allows authorized vehicles and drivers easy access at several locations throughout the site.

Automatic vehicle identification

In this security management system for Coca Cola, automatic vehicle identification solutions from Nedap Identification Systems have been fully integrated. IEST asked Idelcon, distributor for Nedap products in Spain and Portugal, to supply a vehicle identification solution which is easy to integrate and which enables automatic monitoring of vehicles and drivers to control and ensure a smooth traffic flow.

In this project the TRANSIT automatic vehicle identification reader was supplied, together with Booster 2G and Window Button RFID tags. In addition, ANPR readers are used to read license plates automatically. The results are impressive.

“With real-time traffic information we are able to optimize the daily vehicle operations and to improve our productivity significantly. For example: execution times are reduced over 35%. Simultaneously, we experience the added value of improved organization and security at entrances for people and vehicles.” security manager Coca Cola Bottling Company Sevilla

IEST concludes: “The duality of the installed system, which allows us to simultaneously identify both the vehicle and the driver, has been the key factor in choosing the TRANSIT system to our project. In addition, the improved safety ensures comfortable driver access to the site and, above all, traffic congestion at peak times is reduced extremely.”

Best security project in Spain

The innovative aspect of the solution for Coca Cola is recognized by the Spanish security industry as well. During the Security Forum 2013, a security conference in Barcelona, IEST is awarded as best security project in Spain. This award is an initiative that aims to promote and encourage research, development and innovation in the Spanish security industry.