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Whether it is because of valuable goods, hazardous substances or to guarantee safety of people, there are many reasons for most companies to secure their building(s) and surrounded terrains. To guarantee safety, perimeter security must be implemented. Reliable identification of vehicles and drivers in a variety of vehicles and drivers needs to be realized to ensure a fast, smooth and secured process flow. In this article we will take a closer look at challenging gate access situations. What technology can be applied for this? And how can the challenges be resolved?

Challenging vehicle gate situations

The gate layout design depends on the circumstances of the site and needs to optimize the traffic flows at the gate. To make sure that the vehicle access process is secured and at the same time runs smoothly, it is important to implement the right technology to identify the vehicle (and driver) to provide access for authorized drivers and vehicles. To select the right vehicle access technology, it is important to oversee challenging gate access situations and outline how vehicle identification can effectively be resolved.

  • Multi-lane vehicle gates
    Multi-lane situation occur to provide fast access for vehicles entering a premises. Multi-lanes are available to ensure vehicles can enter the premises rapidly and smoothly especially during peak hours. For such multi-lane gate situations, it is key that the vehicle in the right lane is identified to ensure access is provided to the right vehicle and driver.
  • Different type of vehicles entering the gates
    When different user groups need access via the same lane, it is important to consider the height and size of the different vehicles. Short range identification via manual handlings is often less user friendly because of the different heights the drivers are positioned in the vehicles. Besides it’s hard to present the badge in the proximity of the reader, it can also leads to unsafe situations. In practice vehicles often get hit and damaged as it is difficult for trucks to position exactly at the pedestal.
  • Wide vehicle gates
    For large vehicles like trucks and large trailers, it is not always that easy to enter the gate effectively. Sites that need to welcome these type of vehicles, often involve wide vehicles access gates to allow them to maneuver through the gate effectively. These vehicle access gates can have easily a cover width of more than 3,5 meters. The chosen identification technology needs to capture the width of the vehicle gate to ensure reliable vehicle access.
  • Vehicle access gates in harsh environmental conditions
    In industrial applications the vehicle access gate can be located in harsh environmental conditions involving dirt and moist. It is not desirable for the driver in these environments to open the window, therefore long range identification is desirable. Any technology chosen to identify vehicles needs to be robust and work in these environmental conditions.

Long range vehicle identification for large, multi-lane applications

According to these different elements, the right automatic vehicle identification technology can be chosen to secure the perimeter of any site. Nedap offers a broad portfolio of automatic vehicle identification readers. When focusing on large, multi-lane sites with a high security level, Nedap’s RFID TRANSIT Ultimate reader is a perfect match.

The TRANSIT system offers identification based on semi-active RFID technology. The battery assisted operation of the tags, ensures reliable, long-range identification and maintains a long lifetime. The reader provides automatic vehicle identification without the need for the driver to present a badge manually and can identify vehicles up to 10 meters at speeds up to 200km/h. The vehicle based RFID tag is automatically identified once in range of the reader.

Its very long read range performance combined with speed of identification ensures rapid vehicle access. This is critical in applications with large traffic volume, such as ground transport operations on airports.

Nedap’s TRANSIT Ultimate for challenging gate situations

Focusing on the challenging gate access situation, the TRANSIT system has proven to provide highly accurate reading in even the most challenging conditions.

  • Adjustable read range
    The TRANSIT Ultimate reads one tag at the time so ensures only the right vehicle is captured. Next to this, the read range is adjustable to ensure identification can be separated between lanes. When using the adjustable read range the read range is tailored to each lane specifically ensuring only the vehicle in the right lane is captured.Furthermore, the TRANSIT Ultimate has no difficulty whatsoever with the reading range of vehicles of different heights and can effectively capture multi height vehicles, such as cars, vans and trucks with a single reading device per lane. No pedestals with reader on multi heights is required.
  • High read accuracy in harsh conditions
    The TRANSIT system works due to the battery operated tags very well in environmentally harsh conditions and is even applied in the mining industry. Moist, dirt and snow have not impact on the TRANSIT system’s reading performance.
  • Vertical and horizontal reading
    The TRANSIT Ultimate can be positioned in vertical manner, to ensure a very narrow identification beam with an angle of 40 degrees. With that, cross-over reading in adjacent lanes will be avoided. For these situations it is key that the read range of the vehicle access technology can be adjusted to tailor the gate situation. Besides, a narrow identification beam needs to be created within each lane. The TRANSIT Ultimate reader is featured with a very large detection angle of 80 degrees horizontally. Therefor large vehicle gates can be covered with a single reader to ensure a truck or trailer is detected when navigating through the gate.

The choice in vehicle identification for challenging gate access situation

This RFID reader is the best choice in vehicle identification for challenging gate access situations. Offering an extremely accurate and fast identification combined with the extreme long life time of the TRANSIT Ultimate and 10 years lifetime of the vehicle ID tag, resulting in low total cost of ownership throughout the lifetime of the system.

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