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With the addition of NVITE to Nedap’s vehicle and driver identification reader products, Nedap adds a multi technology reader to their portfolio. This multi technology reader reads promity and smart card technology, 1D and 2D. Besides that, NVITE supports NearField Communication (FV) and Bluetooth Low Energy.

As the reader is designed for a 100% functionality outdoor as well for indoor, NVITE offers added value in access control and parking management solutions.  Thanks to the wide range of technologies in one reader, NVITE is very easlity to use for different user groups and makes it possible to combine digital and credential technologies.

The new NVITE features:

  • Enables multiple identification technologies
  • Proximity and smartcard technology
  • 1D and SD (QR) barcodes
  • NearField Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Mobile ID Protocol for implementation with third party apps
  • Easy reader integration, installation and configuration
  • Designed for access control, parking and logistics applications