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Cities are finally finding solutions for future-proof parking policy

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September 12, 2019



Nedap, InTouch and Geosparc join forces

Parking in cities is a growing problem and authorities are eagerly looking for efficient and future-oriented solutions that improve traffic flow in the city.

Governments increasingly use the Internet of Things, but communication between “Things” and the city is often difficult. To streamline this communication, Nedap, InTouch Solutions and Geosparc join forces; a good example of how collaboration can lead to a successful parking policy in a real smart city. Kortrijk is a pioneer in the field of parking policy based on sensors and was the pilot for the first implementation of a workable model for cities and municipalities.

Jean-Paul Van De Winkele of Parking company Parko Kortrijk comments:

“Thanks to this collaboration, Kortrijk benefits from more efficient, reliable enforcement and smarter traffic flow adapted to the needs of the citizen. And this is just the beginning. “

From sensor to enforcement to policy

The wireless smart parking sensors from Nedap have been installed in Kortrijk and Leuven, among other places, where Shop & Go parking places are provided with parking sensors. These parking spaces are used by visitors who want to visit a store briefly, or suppliers delivering their packages there. They can park for 30 minutes in front of the relevant store without charge. The sensors detect whether and for how long the Shop & Go parking spaces are occupied. With this solution, the city contributes to the growing demand from retailers and visitors for parking spaces near the stores.

As rolling out a progressive parking policy is not a simple task, and often gives the city and its employees extra workloads, InTouch relieves Belgian cities with software for digital parking permits and a self-service portal where the citizen can apply for, pay or renew a permit. If there is no permit or a parking sensor detects an overstay, the enforcer will ensure correct follow-up of the parking policy. As an enforcement expert, InTouch has the qualitative tools and data that enforcers need. InTouch Parking Guard is a software module that takes into account local parking policy and the situation on site. The focus here is on unburdening city or police employees by the easing of manual work so that time is free to build the city of the future.

A city is constantly on the move and every thought through and progressive parking policy must adapt to be able to continue to meet the needs of the citizen. Therefore, the internet of things specialists from Geosparc ensure that data can be exchanged efficiently and reliably between the “Things” and the city. With Parktrack, Geosparc offers a high-quality middleware platform so that sensor data can be reported efficiently and in real time. This platform is enriched with all kinds of qualitative and quantitative data that can be forwarded in real time to the enforcers and city employees to gain more insight into the operation and adjustment of the parking policy, the effect on citizens and the quality of life in the city.

When innovative companies such as Nedap, Geosparc and InTouch join forces, this ensures that cities have more breathing space to outline their progressive parking policy. In this way they turn the smart city of tomorrow into a reality today. This approach is unique in Europe and the three companies are rolling out this approach in several large cities in Europe and beyond.

ITS Congress Belgium

Are you interested in a demo? Nedap, Intouch and Geosparc will be present at the ITS congress in Brussels on 3 October 2019, where an explanation will also be given by the City of Kortrijk about the parking policy.