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Nedap celebrates its 50th SENSIT installation in Belgium with Shop & Go Parking concept in Ieper

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Dezember 07, 2020


With the city of Ieper choosing for SENSIT, Nedap celebrates its 50th SENSIT installation in Belgium! Soon, Nedap’s real-time parking data will power the Shop & Go parking solution for the Belgium city of Ieper. This parking policy allows drivers to park their car for free during 30 minutes to offering an easy parking solution to run errands. The real-time parking data that becomes available allows the city to optimize their existing parking capacity.  

Shop & Go for an accessible and safe city center

One after another Belgian city implements the Shop & Go parking concept. After this successful parking policy has already been applied in Belgian cities such as Kortrijk, Oostende and Waregem, Ieper will be the next in line. The Shop & Go concept will lead to a more easily accessible and safer city center, which is crucial for the livability of every city.

Convenient parking and efficient monitoring with real-time parking data

“Shop & Go” is a smart parking solution favoring rapid rotation of vehicles towards stimulating local commerce. At the same time, this parking policy reduces search traffic in the city center. This solution allows people to park carefree for 30 minutes. It offers people a free and simple parking solution, as they do not need to get tickets anymore. In addition, cities can create a highly effective enforcement with the real-time parking data that becomes available with this solution.

This parking solution will be implemented on strategic spots in the inner city of Ieper. Through real-time data from Nedap’s parking sensors, enforcement can be done very efficiently: once the 30 minutes have passed, a notification is sent to the handheld of the nearest parking attendant.

Nedap SENSIT’S parking bay occupancy detection platform

Nedap Identification Systems is an expert in smart parking sensor technology. They deliver real-time, accurate parking data via robust, in-ground SENSIT parking sensors to optimize guidance and enforcement processes within cities. Business partner Be-Mobile integrates real time occupancy data from SENSIT, installed and serviced by Geosparc and PPS, into its FLOWcontrol platform to manage Shop ‘n Go spots and Tourist Bus zones.

“As a versatile smart city platform, FLOWcontrol allows smart mobility solutions such as Shop&Go systems to be managed efficiently and effectively. This can only be achieved by means of reliable occupancy data, which the proven Nedap SENSIT sensor system provides.”
Bram Goeminne, Commercial Manager at Be-Mobile

With the city of Ieper choosing a SENSIT powered solution, we’re happy to celebrate our 50th SENSIT installation in Belgium. This milestone would not have been possible without our valued partners Be-Mobile, Geosparc and PPS.”
Wouter Vansteenkiste, Business Development Manager SENSIT at Nedap

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