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SENSIT best smart truck parking system

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Oktober 28, 2015


SENSIT is the best vehicle detection technology for smart truck parking management. A number of significant benefits that Nedap SENSIT has over competing technologies are lower capital and maintenance costs as well as improved accuracy and increased reliability. Truck parking applications are deployed in for example the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the United States. 

Nedap business partner IPsens, based in Kalamazoo (MI), has successfully integrated and installed the intelligent SENSIT system for truck parking at rest areas in the United States.

The combination of increased commercial motor vehicle traffic, tighter delivery schedules, and federally regulated limits on driving time (HOS rules) has led to a nationally recognized problem on interstate highways: increased demand for commercial truck parking.

Many states, are experiencing a heavy demand for commercial vehicle parking at rest areas; a demand that exceeds capacity. Several studies have indicated that the inadequacy of parking facilities for commercial trucks may be associated with fatigue-related crashes. In addition, truck drivers who cannot find parking spaces at rest areas often choose to park on entrance and exit ramps, roadway shoulders, and other unauthorized areas during their required downtime.

In many states, this is an illegal practice and can affect roadway operations, create unsafe situations, and lead to drop offs, erosion problems, clogging of the drainage system, air pollution, and accelerated deterioration of the pavement. However, providing drivers with real-time parking availability on rest areas can assist them in their route and schedule planning, and hopefully have a positive impact on fatigue related crash reduction. This installation has been up and running for over two years without error or measurable reduction in accuracy.

After an intensive technology assessment is has been concluded that Nedap SENSIT has a number of benefits over competing technologies:

  • Significantly lower capital costs
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased reliability

Intelligent truck parking information is part of the growing need to solve truck parking problems along Europe’s and Americas highways. The European commission has indicated smart truck parking to be a priority action. In line with that ambition, we see a growing number of NRAs (National Roads Authorities) across Europe, and in the United States as well, are making their plans for deploying intelligent truck parking services.

Nedap has deployed smart truck parking applications in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the United States already.

Nedap is delighted to see that the parking industry recognizes SENSIT as the market leading technology for wireless vehicle detection applications, such as smart truck parking. Increasingly we are asked to share experiences about the benefits, costs and deployment issues of deployed or to be deployed outdoor (on and off street) parking systems.

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