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The visibility of real-time parking availability optimizes truck parking capacity

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Oktober 29, 2020


Since last week, Nedap’s in-ground parking sensors are used in several truckparkings along the Belgium highway E17 (Antwerp-Ghent-French border). Nedap provides real-time, accurate information about the availability of single parking bays for trucks. Knowing where free spots are, allows truckers to respect EU legislation on work and rest times, making their life easier and reducing stress. Furthermore, the goal of this pilot project is to provide a better spreading of trucks over the parking lots along motorways in Flanders, Belgium. Nedap’s business partner Be-Mobile has integrated this occupancy data into its FLOWcontrol platform and makes the occupancy data and predictions available via the Truckmeister driver companion app and via dynamic signs above the highways. 

Overcrowding and congestion at Belgium truck parking’s

Flanders is a European hub for logistics and transport. The traffic indicators of the Flemish Traffic Center show that freight traffic increased by 0,8% in 2019 on workings days. Despite the fact that truck traffic decreased during the spring of 2020 because of the corona crisis, an increase of 1% more freight traffic on Flemish highways in 2020 is a fact. At the moment, truck drivers do not know whether there is a free parking space at a motor parking lot when they arrive on one of the parking’s. This often leads to dangerous situations due to overcrowding and congestion at one specific car park, while other parking’s nearby may have availability.

Optimize existing capacity by displaying real-time parking capacity

The Flanders’s Traffic Center has one clear goal: use the existing capacity of the motor way car parks in the most optimal way. By displaying the occupancy rates in real-time via the dynamic signs and apps, an even spread of trucks over the various car parks is encouraged. This ensures more road safety, due to fewer incorrectly parked trucks and more peace of mind for drivers who no longer have to search for a safe resting place.

Nedap SENSIT’S parking bay occupancy detection platform

Nedap SENSIT delivered a parking bay occupancy detection platform that utilizes robust, accurate and cost-effective in-ground parking sensors. Nedap integrated their real-time parking data in the total truck parking solution provided by BeMobile. A continuous and proactive improvement of the parking policy ensures the optimal use of the existing parking capacity.

The visibility of real-time parking availability optimizes truck parking capacity

Lydia Peeters, Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works: “The aim is to use the existing capacity of the motorway car park in the most optimal way. Truck drivers can see in real time whether there is still room in a car park and adjust their driving behaviour accordingly. Thanks to a good cooperation with Be-Mobile, this can always be consulted via the Truckmeister app. I therefore hope that truck drivers will install the app en masse.”

Wouter Vansteenkiste, Business Development Manager SENSIT: “We’re proud to be a proven accurate parking data provider as part of this mobility ecosystem. A perfect pilot project showcasing the importance of real time parking data and the visibility of this availability, allowing drivers to comply with EU regulations.”

source: lydiapeeters.be

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