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Nedap launches NB-IoT parking sensor

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novembre 01, 2018



Nedap – leading specialist in parking detection technology – launches the NB-IoT version of its SENSIT smart parking sensor. SENSIT is the sensor based vehicle detection system that enables motorists to quickly find available parking spaces. With the introduction of the new sensor, Nedap empowers Smart Cities and other urban areas to collect real-time parking data using their NB-IoT network. During the Smart City Expo in Barcelona from 13th – 15th November, Nedap will demonstrate its new smart parking sensor to the market.

Narrow Band-IoT

Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology connects devices to the internet using the 5G network provided by telecom providers. This innovative technology will have great impact on people’s daily lives, as it is expected to connect over 25 billion devices ranging from street lights to air quality or parking sensors.

With almost 15 years of experience in smart parking projects all over the world, Nedap has obtained a lot of knowledge by applying its proprietary SENSIT network. SENSIT consists of on-street sensors which detect in real-time whether or not a single parking bay is occupied and how long it has been occupied. With the addition of NB-IoT, this leading smart parking platform now empowers Smart Cities and other urban areas to collect real-time parking data using a NB-IoT network.

Smart parking applications

Nedap is convinced that NB-IoT technology offers many opportunities for smart parking in every urban area. The NB-IoT technology is interesting for cities that aim to use a big amount of sensors that need to communicate over this network. It is cost effective, uses low power and offers a good performance. Typical applications include on-street parking guidance and efficient enforcement of designated spaces, such as disabled and e-charging zones.

Cooperation with telecom providers

After a year of combined development and proof of concepts with the two leading telecom providers T-Systems and Vodafone, Nedap is ready for the next step in smart parking. In cooperation with telecom providers and Nedap’s existing world-wide partner network, the SENSIT NB-IoT sensor is introduced to the market. The new sensors are applied in projects in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy and will be applied in Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia soon. Next year, the NB-IoT SENSIT sensors are expected to be available world-wide.

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