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Substantial benefits with Nedap’s SENSIT ROI Calculator

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Ottobre 06, 2015



Being guided to an available on-street parking space via an app, close to your destination. A long way off? Technically it is possible and it provides substantial social and monetary benefits using the SENSIT ROI-Calculator. This calculator allows municipalities to calculate the effects of a better utilization of on-street parking spaces and in parking garages beforehand. 

“We have collaborated with MuConsult to develop the ROI Calculator (return on investment) to clarify in advance what the social benefits and payback of an efficient utilization of parking spaces for municipalities are.” Edwin Siemerink, SENSIT Proposition Manager at Nedap

Ground sensors

Siemerink: “We work with SENSIT, a network of wireless sensors that register per parking bay whether it is available or occupied, including the time that a vehicle parked in that specific bay. This information is transmitted to our central data platform. This system is used in both car parks and on street level.”

Dutch databank of traffic information

The parking data is interoperable and accessible for the Dutch National Data Warehouse for Traffic Information and thus for various public and private navigation and enforcement applications. Siemerink: “We already collect data in parts of the cities of Zoetermeer, Winterswijk en Kortrijk.” Nedap also collects data in for example the cities of Zug, Madrid and Verona.

Effects of open parking data

Casper Stelling, project manager of Mobility at MuConsult, is excited to investigate the real effects of a better utilization of on-street parking spaces. “While developing the ROI Calculator, the first computational model for monetary and social effects of open parking data, we have always based the calculations on the lower limits of the possible effects.”

“This calculator is based on the first pre research to the benefits of unlocking data in parking garages in the G4 (4 largest cities of the Netherlands) that we have conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. This research had already shown that the social benefits exceed the costs. I expect the true effects to be much higher, because we have been very cautious in the calculations.” Casper Stelling, Project Manager at MuConsult

Figures speak for themselves

Meanwhile, the technology and calculator applications of Nedap generate more and more data. Siemerink: “We apply the calculator and sensors worldwide. You can see that the results differ because some cities find the support for parking enforcement very important, while other cities impose accents on parking guidance. But in all cases, the figures speak for themselves.”

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