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Mobile access control portal

The MACE Admin Portal is the cloud interface of the MACE platform. The the MACE Admin Portal can be used to manage and send virtual access credentials to the MACE App. It is available at any time and from anywhere by authorized people. The admin portal makes it easy to customize virtual cards and to enroll, revoke and even reuse virtual access control credentials.


MACE Admin Portal mobile access control 1

Modular admin portal

Two different types of accounts can be distinguished in the MACE Admin Portal: a Business Partner account and a Company Space. Each type of account is optimized for the needs of its user: Nedap’s business partner or the end-customer respectively. The MACE Admin Portal contains advanced features, such as:

  • Easy enrollment of virtual credentials to users
  • Revocation and reuse of virtual credentials
  • Customization of virtual cards
  • Detailed status reporting of the assigned credentials
  • Logging of important events within the admin portal
MACE Admin Portal mobile access control 2

MACE Admin Portal API

The MACE Admin Portal API allows seamless integration of the MACE platform into existing applications. Using the REST interface enables issuing and revoking of Virtual MACE Credentials in third party access control or parking management systems via a real-time connection with the MACE Server. Connection is only possible at Company Space level.

  • Powerfull REST API options
  • Integrate MACE with your own software solutions